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Anatomy Of A Suicide

Playing at the Old Fitz Theatre this June is Alice Birch’s Anatomy Of A Suicide, marking its Australian debut in Sydney’s iconic intimate performance space. A stunning piece of theatre focusing on the mental health/demise of three women, the play is staged by presenting three separate time frames simultaneously. With overlapping dialogue and a powerhouse cast, Anatomy Of A Suicide is the touching and intriguing story of a mother, daughter and granddaughter, all battling with the repercussions of what has come before them. The piece ultimately poses the question: does genetic inheritance or social environment determine our character?

Helpmann Award nominee and renowned Australian actress Anna Samson plays Carol in the play, the mother and grandmother of the two younger characters. Anna spoke with City Hub about the challenges that Anatomy Of A Suicide present for both the actors and audience. 

“The role is very challenging and something I haven’t done before. The form of the play is so unique that it felt like a beautiful challenge with a stunning group of creatives,” Anna said before continuing, “I think it’s very clear to people now that grief and trauma is inherited even if you weren’t alive for it, it can carry down in the bloodline.”

With the Old Fitz Theatre providing such an intimate space for the play, Anna has been looking forward to sharing the play’s huge range of themes and emotions with the audience. 

“It will be incredibly special in this particular venue. The intimacy of this space and the intimacy of what these characters are experiencing is a really beautiful marriage. It will be a really intense human experience for the audience and for us.”

Until Jul 6. The Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo. $38-$45+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer 

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