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Áine Tyrrell

For Irish native, but adopted Australian daughter, Áine Tyrrell the inspiration for her music comes from a different path to many musicians. Unlike a majority of musicians, who often state that their music comes from within, Tyrrell draws inspiration from external forces. Due to this rather unique approach, Tyrrell is able to enjoy a unique recording process, which she spoke to City Hub about ahead of her upcoming performance in Sydney.

The singer-songwriter first came to Australia out of necessity following the dramatic impacts of the global financial crisis on the Irish economy. However, upon arriving in Australia she quickly fell in love with our vast lands, which can be dramatically different from region to region, and has thus been living here for the past 18 years.

“I love the vastness and variety of changing landscapes. The Gold Coast, Perth, Tasmania are all completely different worlds.”

It’s these very landscapes and varied communities contained within them that Tyrrell draws her musical inspiration from. By being so influenced by her surroundings Tyrrell and her team had to develop a way to record which was outside the norms of a music studio in a major city. The solution, record while on the road.

“When you are so open to the community you’re in, the people that you’re around and the landscape when you record it has no option but to be part of the inspiration,” explained Tyrrell.

Tyrrell’s debut album, Fledgling Fall, was recorded in the deserts of South Australia and allowed Tyrrell to perfect the process of recording on the road. During this process, the seed was also planted for the follow-up record, Return To The Sea, to be recorded in her home country in order to showcase the two areas of the world which influenced her most. Reflecting on those two experiences Tyrrell said, “they were similar but obviously very different, but definitely something I will do again in the future.”

For the past three months Tyrrell has once again been out on the road, however this time it hasn’t been to record. This time around she has been touring the country performing all of her music, another element of the music industry she adores.

“Getting out into communities anywhere and sharing stories is what songwriting is all about. To be able to go out and do that in such different places all around the world is pretty incredible.”

As Tyrrell now arrives in Sydney she is hoping to bring the community together through her music.

“Sydney is a big city so you can feel disconnected from people, but music is something that can come in and connect us together. I urge people to come down and feel the connection like you would get out in a small country town.”

Jun 13. The Vanguard, 42 King St, Newtown. $22.95-$55.85+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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