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83 Weeks With Eric Bischoff

Outsiders are seldom welcomed into the inner sanctum of the secretive world of professional wrestling, and even fewer rise to the heights Eric Bischoff achieved.

When Bischoff first became involved in the world of wrestling he was as simply a salesman for syndicated episodes of the Minnesota based American Wrestling Association (AWA). By pure accident and convenience, he would go on to become an on-air personality for AWA, a position which would ultimately allow him to gain a position at the world’s second largest wrestling promotion at the time, World Championship Wrestling (WCW). After working as an announcer for two years Bischoff would apply for the open position of Executive Producer and thus began his rise to the top of WCW’s executive ladder. Ultimately Bischoff would climb to the position of President of the company.

As President, Bischoff would lead WCW to the top of the wrestling world, during a period which would later become known as the “Monday Night Wars.” During this period WCW and WWF were fighting for the top spot in the television ratings, a battle which WCW would win for 83 consecutive weeks.

It’s these aforementioned 83 weeks, and the stories encircling them, which Bischoff has now created a podcast and touring live show from. However, Bischoff was quick to point out that this show is not just for wrestling fans, it is also for budding entrepreneurs.

“I’m excited to share some insight into the actual business of the ‘wrestling business’ because quite frankly nobody else, other than perhaps Vince McMahon, has the proximity to the wrestling business that I do.

“A lot of the principles and the formulas that I talk about apply to all businesses. Even if you’re not a hardcore fan of wrestling you’ll walk away with some insight and knowledge that will help you down the road.”

Jun 21. Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. $56.10-$111.10+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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