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Women In Education

The MLC School, Sydney has long upheld a tradition of setting new expectations for the education of women. This tradition began many years ago when the School announced they would ‘make provisions for those who wish to prepare for University honours’, just two years after the legal rights of women at the University of Sydney had been secured. These first students distinguished themselves as university entrants and graduates; commencing MLC School’s enviable tradition of academic excellence.

The radical recognition that much more should be expected of girls during their schooling established MLC School at the vanguard of girls’ education, and the tradition of setting new benchmarks for what girls can and should achieve remains a hallmark of MLC School today. 

As Principal, Ms Lisa Moloney said, “The MLC School motto is ‘dare to be more’, and we have embraced that in our educational approach from the very outset.

“Women in 10 years’ time will be looking at careers which do not even exist today. Our aim is to equip our girls to be agile and adaptable, to instil in them a resourcefulness that will enable them to successfully respond as society changes and evolves.”

Prospective parents and students are invited to the next tour of MLC School to see the outstanding facilities and learn more about the educational approach that encourages girls to dare to be more.

May 28. Rowley St, Burwood. Bookings Essential. For further information contact Nerida Coman: or Ph: 02 8741 3165