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Photo: Clare Hawley

Real-life Australian couple Brian Meegan and Kate Raison have both made their respective waves in the national acting scene, both on-screen and on-stage. Now that the pair’s children have grown up and moved out, the two actors decided to find a two-hander play and take it on tour. Jim Cartwright’s stunning play Two landed in the laps of Brian and Kate and after an eight-week season in 2017, the pair are now taking their work on a regional tour. Included in the line-up for the tour will be Northern Beaches’ Glen Street Theatre. 

“It’s a great play in the city…but the pubs in the play are more likely found in regional Australia, and that’s why we’re doing this regional tour,” said Brian. 

Two is set in a local pub, and centres on the lives of the landlord and landlady of the local watering hole. Throughout the play, many characters and personalities enter the pub, and Brian and Kate play every single one of them.

“The style is quite unique in that the word “two” actually refers to the landlord and landlady that run the pub. We both actually play seven characters each. It’s done in many different styles,” explained Brian, continuing, “it’s in your face, it’s humorous and it’s also presentational.”

Brian and Kate’s onstage connection and energy is palpable within their performance of Two, and the skill and prowess at which they each slip into their different characters is both breathtaking and impressive. 

[Two] is incredibly entertaining but it’s also a very emotional process. Hopefully, we make you laugh and make you cry! We definitely want to send you out thinking” concluded Brian of the piece. 

May 7-12. Glen Street Theatre, Cnr Glen Street, Blackbutts Rd, Belrose. $35-$67+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer.