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Nina Oyama Needs A Lift

Nina Oyama has received 13 driving offences since getting her P’s. She’s also mucked around throughout her uni degree, but only in her mid-20s. She has starred in ABC’s award-winning show Utopia and has held a regular spot on Tonightly With Tom Ballard. This comedy season, Nina will be bringing her new solo stand-up show Nina Oyama Needs A Lift to audiences around the country. She will be performing at The Factory Theatre in Sydney as part of Sydney Comedy Festival, with the tour showcasing her first debut comedy hour. 

Nina is up-front and hilarious when speaking to City Hub and gave us a rundown of Nina Oyama Needs A Lift. 

“Basically…the show is about how I have 13 driving offences and how I was basically a drop-kick kid”, she said before continuing, “I’ve written a show that I like, and I know it’s not ‘funny’ to say but I feel…good!”

Nina’s upcoming show surrounds itself around her 13 driving offences, but at its core, Nina Oyama Needs A Lift focuses on audiences being able to relate to her stories and attitude.

“I mostly write for myself but I hope that people find it relatable. Whenever I do this show I ask the audience to clap if they’ve ever had a driving offence. I talk about stuff that people don’t like to admit that they relate to.”

When asked what prompted her to lay bare her driving offences and related stories on-stage, Nina laughed and said: “I owe the government thousands and thousands of dollars from these driving offences so I thought…why not write a show about them so I can make my money back?!”

Nina Oyama Needs A Lift is not a stand-up show for the faint-hearted, with Nina concluding, “I highly discourage people who like clever, topical comedy to come to this show. However, if ya’ll [are] looking for a show that will make you feel better about yourself, come see my show!”

May 15-19. The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville. $20-$25+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer.

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