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You always have to question whether Hollywood has lost its grasp on creativity and originality, especially when they bring out a sequel five years after the first instalment was released.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters crashes into cinemas, delivering genuine thrills and scares for fanatical fans of this highly profitable franchise, which has another instalment already in production.

The basic synopsis of this monster film is that humanity must rely on Godzilla to defeat King Ghidorah and many other titans which have awakened and threaten to destroy civilisation on Earth.

Dark, loud and overloaded with CGI, this ambitious film which boasts a monstrous budget of US$200 million ultimately underwhelms. This is owing to a silly script, lack of character development and too many action sequences which overshadow the already troubled story. Nonsensically Godzilla has little input in the film until the final battle sequence.

Low in IQ and high on yawns Sally Hawkins (The Shape Of Water) adds a touch of respectability to this film in which one of the scientists idiotically states, ‘that only the monsters which are overrunning the world can restore the destruction which the human race has caused!’ Really?

This laughable Godzilla rehash is a misfire leaving audiences to ponder, was a sequel really necessary? (MMo)

★★ ½


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