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Edmond Thommen – BLENDEDnudes #5

Immortalised in pixel form

The human form and the female form, in particular, have long been a staple of artistic expression. This month local artist Edmond Thommen’s works which explore the female figure in an incredibly deep, intricate and layered manner will be on display at the M2 Gallery.

Thommen describes himself first, and foremost, as a photographic artist who’s artistic magic starts with the camera and his photographs. From there Thommen uses these pictures to form the basis of his works, which may soften or highlight the body’s outline by blending it into several layers of images he superimposes on the figure. Sometimes the figure seems to disappear behind a barrage of organic materials or man-made structures – until the viewer’s eyes start to actively search for the lines that in his or her mind “must be there” behind the image.

These works are a testament to years of careful observation in photography, composition, lighting and design. BLENDEDnudes #5 is set to be both a visual and intellectually journey for all viewers.

Until May 21. M2 Gallery, 4/450 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. Info:

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