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Jamie Hutchings & Darren Cross

Photo: Hadassa Haack

Throughout their respective careers, Jamie Hutchings and Darren Cross have crossed paths on multiple occasions but have only recently begun working together for their current tour Bedsit For Peacer.

The current tour sees two of Sydney’s most enduring and prolific creative forces taking to the road together in a joint headline show in support of their respective records, Hutchings’ Bedsit and Cross’ Peacer. The two men share incredibly similar backgrounds having first entered the music industry in band projects before eventually finding their way to the solo singer-songwriter medium.

Looking back Hutchings told City Hub that he first met Cross in “the mid-90s” simply by both being “in and around the Sydney underground music scene.” As their respective bands grew and evolved their paths would venture into entirely opposite directions. It has only been over the course of the “last few years” that Hutchings and Cross would begin crossing patch again as they both explored solo pursuits.

“As a musician, you’re always trying to find new ways to present your music so that you can keep playing,” explained Hutchings before continuing, “We thought it would be a good idea given that we’ve both we’ve both come from similar backgrounds to do some shows together.”

By joining forces not only were the men able to present their music in a new and exciting way for audiences but they were also able to share the load of planning and organising the various aspects of the tour.

“It can be a bit isolating as an independent artist doing everything involved with a tour by yourself,” said Hutchings, “So it’s good for your spirit to be able to share those experiences with somebody else”

As part of this tour, there was a focus on playing shows in places outside of the norm.

“We’ve played some interesting places, it’s been really fun and interesting going to some of these smaller towns which have thriving creative hubs. This tour is much about having an adventure as it is us gunning for a huge tour.”

For fans in Newtown Hutchings had some very exciting comments ahead of the show, given it will be towards the tail end of the tour.

“I know for myself I need to sing quite a lot, so once you do three or four shows in a row I find I start to beat my voice into shape. I really like that aspect of touring because you get to a point where you don’t really have to think, you can simply enjoy the experience. You almost go outside of your body and watch yourself play as an audience member. You’re not thinking about the fingering on the guitar or singing, it all becomes involuntary.”

Apr 5. Egg Records, 3 Wilson St, Newtown. Info:

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