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Ginger Ren Jones-Evans

In the eyes of every parent, their child is an artist. Just look at any fridge around the country, they’re all adorned with paintings and drawing from little ones. For six-year-old Ginger Ren Jones-Evans though her artistic ability has far exceeded the ‘fridge gallery’ as she is now set to open her first ever solo exhibition this weekend.

Ginger began painting in 2014 when she was just three years old. Mentored by her uncle, artist-architect Dale Jones- Evans, together they have developed Ginger’s love of painting and her creative spirit.

“I really love to mix my own colours and get up high to look down at my work. Painting always makes me feel happy,” says Ginger, who dreams of being a professional artist. 

Excitement matters most in Ginger’s process. Her work showcases the delight of childhood spontaneity and unfettered freedom.

On display will be eleven acrylic paintings and a video of behind-the-scenes footage of Ginger working in her studio. The gallery space will be dominated by Ginger’s major large-scale works starting at four meters in length. 

Apr 6-7. 110 Brougham Street, Potts Point. Info:

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