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From Spain comes this comedy-thriller which should have audiences rolling down the aisles in fits of laughter!

When a woman’s son kills her ex-husband in a moment of rage, she tries to conceal the crime from the authorities. As a result, ludicrously hilarious scenes unfold, compounded by a missing corpse, the arrival of her sickly mother and sexual advances from an oversexed teenager.

Light-hearted with a simplistic storyline, this film boasts high production values and a charismatic ensemble cast. There’s violence and bloodshed in this 4-star comedy, which is curiously unaffecting owing to a cleverly written comedic script which would make American scriptwriters sit up and take notice.

If this film is anything to go by, the Spanish Film Festival should be a massive success this year. The program consists of 32 American Latino and Spanish films, of which 11 are directed by women. Goya Award-winning Champions opens the festival, followed by an afterparty with Spanish food, drinks and entertainment.

Two films which come highly recommended by Paulette Arvizo, the Festival Manager, are Spanish produced The Realm, a true-life political thriller which explores corruption within the system and The Good Girls, a Mexican film which details how women in high social standing kept up appearances of grandeur during the economic crisis of the 80s.

Arvizo explained that this festival is for everybody, regardless of nationality. “It’s always interesting to see films from different parts of the world, especially with all the Latin American titles we have. Stories we’re not familiar with told through the eyes of these Latin American filmmakers. Learning about differences in the cultures – Australia being so multi-cultural it’s important to have a glance at people’s lives around the world.” (MMo)

Apr 16–May 8. Palace Central, Palace Verona, Palace Norton St. $22-$70. Tickets & Info:

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