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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

This epic Pulitzer Prize-winning play by renowned playwright Tennessee Williams comes to the stage, proudly presented by The Sydney Theatre Company for discerning theatregoers.

Deemed as one of Williams most famous works, the play is set in the plantation home in the Mississippi Delta of cotton tycoon Big Daddy Pollitt (Hugo Weaving) and his wife Big Mama (Pamela Rabe). The relationships within the family are explored, principally between Brick, the darling golden child of the family and his wife Maggie, who’s an outsider and doesn’t come from a rich family.

“A lot of what we’re exploring with the play in our production is family dynamic and lies and truth – the lies that we can live with and the truth that we cannot,” explained Zahra Newman who plays the role of Maggie. “It’s an exploration of how we lie to one another and ourselves in relationships. It’s a big operatic, almost Grecian epic family dynasty drama. Maggie hasn’t had any children and Brick is descending into alcoholism. There’s a lot of whispering that they don’t have children and she’s fighting to maintain legitimacy amongst the family.”

When asked why this play was universally labelled a classic Newman responded earnestly, “Because it’s so bloody well written! The language is incredible, and the relationships are not neatly tied up, they’re not easily explained. The characters contradict and are paradoxical in moments. It’s huge, it’s big emotions. These people have a way with words!”

Newman said it’s a privilege and a joy to work alongside Hugo Weaving and Pamela Rabe, “they’re incredible! It’s an honour to watch them rehearse and how they investigate the story. It’s a learning experience and they’re very supportive.”

Ultimately, will this American classic resonate with Australian audiences?

“Of course! Because we all have family and fears, we all struggle to express ourselves and we all have challenges, wins and losses in life.” (MMo)

Apr 29–Jun 8. Roslyn Packer Theatre. 22 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay. $83-$124+b.f. Tickets & Info:


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