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Whilst Get Out, Jordan Peele’s first foray into filmmaking, was built around making a biting comment on societal racism Us instead focuses much more on instilling a sense of dread and terror within the viewer.

Us focuses on the seemingly normal Wilson family as they take a summer nation in Santa Cruz California. However, it quickly becomes apparent that things are not as normal as they appear. Particularly in regards to the mother Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) who is haunted by a traumatic experience she had as a child while on a similar vacation with her parents in the 80s. When a clone Wilson family dressed in red jumpsuits and brandishing golden scissors appears on the driveway of the holiday the tension and chaos are rapidly ramped up.

Throughout the film, the tension built through the use of flashbacks to give the viewer an insight into the mind and paranoia of Adelaide. This tension is then released with the injection of comedy, but where that comedic element felt perfectly reasonable in Get Out it, unfortunately, feels disjointed and forced in Us.

Much like Get Out Peele has created another utterly absurd film in Us. However, since Us doesn’t seem to have a central point it is trying to convey it quickly becomes a shambolic mess of disjointed moments and gaping plot holes.


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