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Huntly – Low Grade Buzz

The debut album, Low Grade Buzz, from Melbourne trio Huntly is a melancholic offering which also acts as a reassuring blanket for those sullen moments when you’re feeling all alone.

Throughout the record, the group follow their mantra of “doof you can cry to.” They do this by blending incredibly emotional lyrics with unique, catchy, futuristic beats which would normally be heard in upbeat techno and electric records.

Whilst the above description may make Low Grade Buzz seem like a sad record it’s certainly not. The record is all about positivity, belonging and safety. Listening to this record will during down times makes the listener realise they are not alone. Conversely, if you listen to the record during a time of happiness the beats are so well produced that you’ll quite easily be able to dance along. (JA)

★★★ ½

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