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This March at Parramatta’s Riverside Theatre, George Brant’s stunning psychology thriller Grounded will take to the stage. A one-woman show that follows the story of an American fighter pilot, forced to stop flying when she falls pregnant unexpectedly, Grounded is an emotionally charged piece of theatre. With an ability to match her male co-workers beer for beer and flight for flight, sole performer Emily Havea’s character is sent on a spiralling journey after having no choice but to stop flying. 

“It’s pretty intense…but I’ve never been in a cast of one. It’s super empowering, it can be super lonely, it’s a lot of things all together in one. There’s nowhere to hide!” said Emily. Her character is set to dominate the stage with a sense of vigour and thrilling empowerment. “The character is very much dominating in a very male-centric workforce…it’s a balance between her becoming a mother and being a boss-ass bitch,” Emily explained, going on to say, “I think what audiences will leave with is sort of an appreciation for how hard that balance is.”

Under the direction of Dom Mercer, Grounded is due to take audiences on a turbulent emotional journey, with Emily’s solo performance a stunning and riveting one. “The play is really written so excellently…it’s such an excellent piece of writing,” said Emily, “it’s going to be beautiful. I think all the elements that I’ve seen coming together are going to play out in a really excellent piece of theatre.” 

Mar 14-23. Riverside Theatres, Corner of Church and Market Streets, Parramatta. $37-$49+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer