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Fighting With My Family

Fighting With My Family strikes the perfect balance between comedy and heartfelt drama, which places it toe to toe with classic sports based movies such as Rocky or The Karate Kid. The film, which is based on a documentary of the same name, follows the true life story of Saraya-Jade Bevis (later to be known as Paige) as she goes from training as a child with her family, all fellow wrestlers, in Norwich England right through to the grand stage of WWE where she became the youngest ever WWE Divas Champion.

In order to make this story slightly more compelling and appealing to general film-going audiences, the producers have taken some Hollywood storytelling liberties with the facts, but there is nothing overly egregious to the point of dissuading wrestling fans. The finale of Fighting With My Family does become a little cheesy but overall the film is still fantastic, particularly Florence Pugh’s portrayal of the loveable outcast Paige.

Fighting With My Family is littered with heart and comedy which will suck the general film audience into this true underdog story of incredible achievement.


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