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Every Brilliant Thing

Photo: Daniel-Boud

Facing her first solo performance, Kate Mulvany says she has never “performed solo. This is it! So along with coming to see a fabulous play, you get the added bonus of seeing me sweat with abject fear!” 

She is playing a grown-up daughter who, as a child, compiled a list of all the brilliant things in life she could think of to please her depressed mother.

As an adult, she is still compiling her list, and as the blurb says, “What started as a naïve way of getting through the day has become a profound truth.”

This play, says Kate, “encourages the audience to take part in the dialogue of the performance. It’s a conversation between the narrator and the audience. It doesn’t feel like a one-person play. It feels like a 300-person chat.”

The theatre is being rebuilt into a circle around the stage and Kate, and she is very happy for the opportunity this affords to exchange confidences with the audience. “I won’t force them to share anything they don’t want to,” she emphasises, “but I can’t guarantee I won’t confide in them!”

Kate is really enthusiastic about the play. 

“The play is, more than anything, unashamedly life-affirming. It acknowledges darkness but encourages us all to look for light through our relationship to ourselves and to each other. We promise a beautiful, safe, funny, sad, entertaining night in the theatre. It’s one of the most important conversations I’ve ever taken part in artistically, and I’m proud to be involved.”

Mar 8-31. Belvoir Theatre – Upstairs, 25 Belvoir St, Surry Hills. $30-$85+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Irina Dunn.

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