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Candidate profile: Rohan Indraghanti

Liberal Candidate: Rohan Indraghanti


Rohan Indraghanti is the Liberal candidate running for the Newtown city seat.

Mr Indraghanti was raised in a family of Indian immigrants, and moved to Sydney 19 years ago. He proudly volunteers and works with the not-for-profit organisation Pyrmont Cares. He studies finance at the University of Technology, and in 2018, he studied at the London School of Economics.

Rohan has strong feelings about Newtown’s financial standing. Mr Indraghanti feels that he understands the difficult financial situations local residents and especially local students may find themselves in.

He feels that the Liberal’s record investment in transport infrastructure is something to be proud of, because it has strengthened Sydney’s economy and made a difference in citizen’s lives.

Comprehensive home owners’ package

He says that if elected, the Liberals and Nationals would be delivering the most comprehensive home owners’ package in the hope of making it easier for Sydney’s citizens to settle down. He explains that because he is a young Australian, he can empathize with how difficult finding a house can be.

In terms of Sydney’s nightlife scene, he is teamed up with Gladys Berejiklian for risk reduction and lockout rules. He shared his thoughts on this policy to the South Sydney Herald.

He says, “the NSW Liberals and Nationals are committed to growing a vibrant, thriving night-time economy while increasing CCTV and funding extra police officers to keep Sydney-siders safe”.

He agrees with current restrictions and laws on music festivals and nightlife, in order to protect locals from harm and accidents.

When asked about Sydney’s increased population density and redevelopment infrastructure, he said, “The NSW Liberals and Nationals have over 860 infrastructure projects across the state. When Michael Daley was Finance Minister he left NSW with a $5.2 billion budget black hole, and now he’s promised to scrap vital infrastructure projects already underway”.

Rohan plans to fix the current issues and budget correctly to help get Sydney’s redevelopment process back on its feet.

As of now, the seat is generally safe with a Greens candidate, or potentially a Labor candidate. The election is close, and Rohan and his supporters hope to beat the odds.


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