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The Guilty

This is a single location procedural thriller that proves you don’t need bombastic action sequences, blood and gore, and classic jump scares to create an atmosphere so taught you should shoot an arrow off it.

Gustav Moller makes his debut as director and also co-wrote (with Emil Nygaard Albertsen) the screenplay, set in a police emergency phone room and focused almost exclusively on one character, Asger Holm (Jakob Cedergren). Holm is a policeman, relegated to the phones after an incident that occurred out in the field for which he is awaiting a hearing. The story unfolds in real time during a night shift. Holm’s takes a number of calls – both on the emergency line and privately on his mobile. Through the calls (we hear both sides of the conversation) we learn details about his personal life and get insight into his character and mindset. Then, just before the end of his shift he receives a call from a woman who has been abducted. It’s genuinely gripping. 


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich