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Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Jay Laga'aia, Luke Joslin & Connor Crawford

Theatre-goers who love a great belly aching laugh won’t be disappointed in this outrageously hilarious, Olivier nominated and critically acclaimed show about Peter Pan, where everything goes wrong!

Jay Laga’aia who plays the role of Francis the narrator and one of the pirates in the lost boys said it’s a joy to work on this English farcical show which encourages audience participation.

“It’s controlled chaos. I’ve had audience members come up to me and ask, did you think it would go this wrong? I get thrown around a lot and every single night I sit there and think to myself.….I’m too old for this shit! It’s fantastic!” laughed Laga’aia.

But what sort of things go wrong?

“We introduce the characters, they just try to get through the scene when Peter Pan slams in through the window into the door, pulls the window out, the stage manager then runs on stage to grab the window and Peter Pan is jerked up and down. By the time he lands he looks around and says, thank God I didn’t wake the children!”

Laga’aia explained that the great thing about this show is that it’s accessible to everyone.

“I love hearing fathers in the audience laughing – it’s that ‘please stop because I can’t breathe and laugh’ sort of laugh. This is silly for the sake of being silly and not silly for the sake of being dumb – it’s silly clever. We have visual gags, we have physical gags, we have pyrotechnics going off. The reason why this play works so well is because by the end of it you can see that we’re all exhausted, as we’ve worked hard as an ensemble to bring this play down. We survive to fight another day!”

Laga’aia concluded by saying that this show is for big kids and little kids. “There are very few things you can share with your family and friends and laughter is one of them….this is a silly play that needs silly people to come along and have a great time!” (MMo)

Feb 13–24. Lyric Theatre, 55 Pirrama Rd Pyrmont. $84-$165+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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