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Ella Hooper

Killing Heidi front-woman Ella Hooper has achieved almost everything imaginable in music, however, there is at least one thing left to do and that is represent Australia in the annual Eurovision competition. Hooper is one of 10 acts chosen to battle it out on the SBS program Eurovision Australia Decides with the winner going on to represent Australia in Tel Aviv in May.

When Hopper first entered the music industry with Killing Heidi Eurovision was never something that she could have imagined would ever be a possibility. Since realising how important the competition is globally however Hooper now understands the magnitude of this opportunity.

“I realised pretty recently that Eurovision is a huge event around the world because it is something which unites people in their love for music,” Hooper said before further explaining why she feels the competition has exploded in popularity, “Eurovision is such light relief which helps bring a little balance to our life, we need something like that to counteract all of the dodgy and depressing things in the world.”

As part of the Eurovision Australia Decides show/competition Hooper will be performing a song written by young Sydney-based composer Alice Chance.

“Alice is 24 and has never done anything like this before but she’s amazing,” said Hooper, “The song is about social media addiction, digital addiction and the way that we live our life pretty much staring at screens 24/7 these days so it really spoke to me.”

Although Hooper didn’t write Data Dust herself Hopper explained that she has been able to inject her own personal style and flair into the composition, “We spent quite a lot of time rerecording, rejigging and reimagining the song because I didn’t want to step into completely different shoes, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m good at if I hadn’t made it much more Ella Hoopery.”

When City Hub spoke with Hooper she was also very excited and proud to be able to use this platform along with her profile to highlight another young female artist, particularly because she didn’t have anybody do that for her in her early years.

“I was pretty lacking in female mentors in my early years in the business, I made some friends and met some people that I’m still really close to today but I didn’t really have anybody guiding me.”

Whilst Hooper is confident in her own abilities she understands that the level of competition in Eurovision Australia Decides is incredibly stiff. As such Hooper views herself as the “underdog” and has asked everybody to #VoteForHoops.

Regardless of the competition’s results, Hooper will be heading out on tour to showcase all of her solo music from the past five years alongside the new song Data Dust.

“I love playing live, it’s probably my strongest element I think, so I’m really really pumped!”

Feb 24. Camelot Lounge, Corner Marrickville Rd & Railway Parade, Marrickville. $37.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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