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Photo: Hillarie Jason

In its Australian premiere season and showing as part of Sydney Festival 2019, award-winning theatre-maker Geoff Sobelle presents Home, an interactive large-scale performance work. A piece that has been developed through workshops and improvisation, Home encompasses an array of themes and techniques, including an extensive set that is developed as the show progresses. Using a combination of illusion, choreography, audience interaction and theatre, the production takes the audience on a journey spanning time, space and the concept of where one belongs. 

Geoff Sobelle was initially inspired to create the piece when he was renovating the kitchen in his 100-year-old Philadelphia terrace house. “When I went into the kitchen to do some repair…I pulled up the old linoleum tile. I chip away…and underneath is another layer of linoleum tile. This goes on for days. There were over 6 layers of tile there.” Geoff then went on to explain how this inspired Home. “I started to imagine, what if there was a house party where each of the generations who lived and walked on the original floors were just passing one another.” When asked how this concept is incorporated into the show, Geoff explained, “in this piece you see the life cycle of a given structure. And then you see almost in time lapse the different cultures of people that lived in it. It’s almost a dance piece, you see the dynamics of bodies coming in and out.”

According to Geoff, Home possesses a lot of surprises and illusions, with most of the elements set to be revealed on the night. As a master of illusion and absurdism, the show is sure to bring a whirlwind of emotion, choreography and intrigue. Regarding audience participation, Geoff assures it will be a fantastic addition to the piece, saying, “I got very insistent on working out how to include the audience. It’s not cringe-worthy! It’s the kind of thing that hopefully makes you love your fellow neighbour and realise that you’re like them.” 

Jan 9-18. Roslyn Packer Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay. $50-$95+b.f. Tickets & Info:


By Madison Behringer.

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