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Eighth Grade

The feature film directorial debut of Bo Burnham is a film which blurs the line between fictional drama and documentary as it chronicles the final weeks of the eighth grade for 13 year old Kayla (Elsie Fisher).

Set in a modern world, where technology and social media are the centre of the teen universe, Eighth Grade superbly dissects the many challenges teens face today. Some of these challenges include bullying, building friendships, and rapid sexual maturation.

Kayla for example runs her own YouTube channel where she gives tips about being confident and making friends. Sadly this is the complete antithesis of her real life, everyday persona.

The emotions and awkwardness which each character manages to bring to life in this film are what makes it truely special, and one which will have audiences connecting and empathising with easily. 

Truely a special film.

★★★★ ½

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