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Brett & Wendy… A Love Story Bound by Art

Brett & Wendy in Bali 1980. Copyright Wendy Whiteley, The Brett Whiteley studio.

Director and writer Kim Carpenter, through his Theatre Of Image, brings his take on the story of Brett Whitely and his wife Wendy to the stage in his new drama Brett & Wendy… A Love Story Bound by Art. 

The show takes audiences on a journey through the spaces and periods of time that shaped Whitely’s life. It follows the story of Brett and Wendy’s relationship from when they first met in their teens through their years in New York in the 60s to their eventual separation back in Sydney.

“What I don’t think most people know is the joyous and very naughty childhood that Brett had and it really gave us an indication of what he became,” says Carpenter. “He loved anarchy, he liked disrupting and being a ragamuffin and just generally creating mischief. He had that restless energy.”

Carpenter has always been captivated by the story of Brett and Wendy and had been looking for a way to bring it to stage. He didn’t just want the show to be biographical, but also wanted to capture the energy and aesthetics of Whitely’s art.

Having written and designed a ballet for The Australian Ballet, dance seemed the natural choice for Carpenter in bringing Whitely’s visions to life.

“The pictures themselves come alive through dance and live music. The dancers become the lines, the forms, the shapes of the paintings. I’ve just stepped out of one of the rehearsals now and it’s quite magical,” says Carpenter.

Jan 18-27. Riverside Theatre, Corner of Church & Market Streets, Parramatta. $55-$60+b.f. Tickets & Info: 


By Allison Hore

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