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Beirut – Gallipoli

Beirut, led by Zach Condon, is set to release its fifth studio album Gallipoli. Condon drew much of his inspiration for the new songs from rediscovering the old joys of music as a visceral experience in rural Puglia, southern Italy. 

The title track makes this sentiment evident, taking you on a journey through the Italian countryside in a mere four minutes. Light and breezy, Gallipoli is a breath of fresh mountain air. 

Other songs included on the album feature a creative melding of instrumental sounds together, especially Corfu and On Mainau Island. Additionally, the vocals are soulful and rich. 

Given the strong combination of vocals and instrumental interludes, this album is sure to soothe and refresh your spirit. 

★★★★ ½

Reviewed by Erika Echternach

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