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Behind The Lines

Winner of Political Cartoon of the year, Matt Golding.

Australia’s best political art is currently on display in Parramatta at the Museum Of Australian Democracy’s (MOAD) 2018 Behind The Lines Exhibition.

This year’s exhibition Curiouser And Curiouser is themed after Lewis Carol’s Alice In Wonderland and promises to take audiences “down the rabbit hole” of Australian political cartooning.

Presented by the Whitlam Institute and Riverside Theatres the annual exhibition features 80 of the best political cartoons from last year created by 30 cartoonists from a range of online and print media organisations.

“Each week Australia’s political cartoonists have captured the goings-on in parliament with humour and wit,”  says Daryl Karp, MOAD director.

“Australia has a long and proud tradition of political satire and each year the exhibition celebrates our democracy and our freedom of speech.”

Works from master political cartoonists including John Shakespeare, David Rowe, Michael Leunig, Cathy Wilcox and Mark Knight are featured, and for the first time work from Australian New Yorker cartoonist Jason Chatfield also appears.

Work from 2018 political cartoonist of the year Matt Golding will also feature in the exhibition. Golding has been cartooning for over 25 years.

 “People are drawn to cartoons. They gravitate towards them because of their beautiful simplicity and their power to challenge; to make people think and possibly see the world in a different way,” explains Golding.

As the white rabbit himself would say, don’t be late to this very important date.

Until Feb 21. Parramatta Riverside Theatre, Corner of Church & Market Streets, Parramatta. FREE. Info:

By Allison Hore

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