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The Bear Pack

Back for their annual, one-night-only performance at the Enmore Theatre, Giant Dwarf’s The Bear Pack are set to take their audience on an improvisational journey this Saturday. Returning from a smashing season at the Edinburgh Fringe and a sold-out run of shows at London’s Soho Theatre, the pair of comedians is ready to take on their Sydney audience. Comprised of Steen Raskopoulos (Whose Line Is It Anyway? Australia, BBC’s Top Coppers) and Carlo Ritchie (The Checkout), Bear Pack are excited to share the stage with special guests such as Ange Lavoipierre on the cello, and a “super special guest”, yet to be announced.

When asked how he’s feeling about the upcoming show, Carlo Ritchie said, “we have such an amazing group of not only improvisers but musicians performing…I’m really excited to see what comes out of it.” 

The show itself is truly one of a kind. The audience themselves guide the direction of the drama, as explained by Ritchie.

“We get them to give us the location that the show will be set…and we get the audience to suggest any word at random and that’ll be the impetus for our show.” 

The show itself is a special one, dedicated to the memory of Elliot Miller, with profits going to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. The improvised nature of the show also makes it extra special, with Ritchie saying, “this show only exists in that time and that one moment…of the other shows we’ve done at the Enmore, this is definitely going to be the most distinct.”

Dec 8. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $36.95+b.f. Tickets & Info: or Ph: 02 9550 3666

By Madison Behringer

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