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Photo: Carl Jeffreys

Bands don’t always form in the iteration which has them break out, but often this process of evolution is a key factor in their success. Wollongong band Droves are the perfect example of this phenomena.

Originally beginning two years ago as a solo project of Phillip Spiteri, performing under the moniker Giverny, the project would eventually grow into the five piece that is today known as Droves.

City Hub recently spoke with Spiteri and fellow band member Taylor McAuliffe about the reasons and influences behind the changes.

“Performing as a solo artist got a bit lonely on stage because there was nobody to bounce off,” explained Spiteri.

In order to counteract this loneliness Giverny would grow into a duo, a trio and then eventually the five piece outfit of today. With such a drastic shift in the composition of the band there was a need to recalibrate the creative process and also rebrand the group.

“At first we were playing the songs that I had written as a solo act, but as we grew into a band it felt like more people should be contributing to the songs that we were writing,” said Spiteri.

For McAuliffe the opportunity to contribute more directly to the music allowed her to inject  a dark synth aesthetic, which she was first introduced to by her father. It’s not just Spiteri and McAuliffe injecting their ideas into the music though.

“Everyone in the band is able to bring their different influences and perspectives together and create something that works really really well,” said McAuliffe.

These unique sonic influences and creations will be showcased in Droves’ upcoming story heavy EP, Bloodline.

“In the past we’d just releases singles, but for Bloodline we wanted to create a platform that tells a story,” explained Spiteri, “Every one of the songs has been written in a kind of storytelling pattern… [focusing on] the idea that death might not be final.”

Fans of Droves will have an opportunity to get a glimpse into Bloodline, and the recrafted live show next Friday when the group hosts a single launch party for Time in Sydney.

“Part of the transition from our old name to the new one was the decision to never play with any form of backing track. We will be playing every instrument live which creates a much more vibrant dance party,” said Spiteri.

Dec 21. Botany View Hotel, 597 King St, Newtown. FREE.

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