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REVIEW: The Wit And Wisdom Of Donald J. Trump (The J Stands For Genius)

From Sydney-based cartoonist Mark Lynch comes his new book The Wit And Wisdom Of Donald J. Trump (The J stands For Genius). As a former editorial cartoonist for The Australian newspaper, Lynch is no stranger to political humour. This is very evident as you flick through the pages of his new book, with each turn unveiling an increasingly more funny and crude cartoon of the renowned Donald J. Trump. 

Interspersed within the cartoons are pages of Trump quotes, ranging anywhere between sexism to racism. Based on the satirical and unabashed nature of Lynch’s cartoons in the book, one may believe that he finds Trump far from likable. He has stated however, that, “When I started this book on Trump, like many, I thought he was stupid. But his perceptive genius kicked in when he figured out what it was that stupid people wanted to hear.”

While most likely not everyone’s taste, The Wit And Wisdom Of Donald J. Trump is clearly well researched and laid out in a way that makes for easy reading. The cartoons within the book are witty, viciously funny and Lynch has taken no prisoners while trail-blazing his way through the American political climate.


Reviewed by Madison Behringer

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