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REVIEW: The Betoota Advocate Roadshow

The virality of the internet, and social media in particular, is something we as a technological society have had to become more accustomed to and comfortable with through time. As internet memes or trends spread they will occasionally break through from the electronic world into everyday life, look back at ‘the ice bucket challenge’ or the outbreak of scary clowns as past examples. Never before though has an internet trend become so viral that it spawned a traveling stage show, that was until The Betoota Advocate Roadshow came along.

Initially starting out as an online parody/satire newspaper the Betoota Advocate quickly spawned a cult following thanks to its witty headlines and biting social commentary. The website has since grown to become more than simple text articles though with it now producing video and podcast format content, whilst maintaining its comedic heart.

In order to then make the jump onto a theatrical stage a rather minimalistic show which chronicles the “history” and rise to prominence of the Betoota Advocate newspaper has been created.

Playing host for the show are editors Clancy Overell and Errol Parker, who are funny and charming as they take you on this journey. 

Along the way the duo inject the trademark Betoota Advocate social commentary, which at times can be politically incorrect. This is particular impactful when they take a swipe at the host city, which in the case of the performance I saw was at the expense of the Illawarra and the residence’s love for singlets.

Production wise there is not a lot to entertain the audience visually, think more stand-up comedy than grand theatre. In terms of the content there are genuine laugh out loud moments and others that will make you cringe, overall though the show could have been slightly shorter as the post-intermission session does slightly overstay its welcome.

Dec 1. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point. $68.70-$186+b.f. Tickets & Info: