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Teenage Dads – Potpourri Lake

With one foot in indie pop and the other in indie rock, Teenage Dads will remind a listener of a modern clash between the Beatles and the Beach Boys. 

The band consists of 19 year old Melbourne boys who create music in their home studio, affectionately referred to as “The Shed”. However, while the deliberately uncommercial style of their music is characteristic of a young, homemade band, their sound quality and artistic ability are not. 

Each song on their debut album, Potpourri Lake, is different in its own way, ranging from intense rock about cult indoctrination to catchy pop about love in the summer. The album showcases a diverse selection of songs and a range of musical ability that is uncommon in such a young band. Every song has potential to become an anthem of parties and gatherings. 

★★★★ ½

Reviewed by Will Fournier

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