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REVIEW: Maggie Stone

Photo: Robert Catto

Meet Maggie Stone, a 50-something Australian woman who is overweight and suffers from health issues. She works as a senior loans officer, is unjustifiably arrogant and has already been issued a second warning for her inadequate treatment of prospective clients.

When she refuses to grant a Sudanese man a life-saving loan which he desperately requires simply because he is black, a set of adverse life-changing events are evoked which don’t only affect Maggie, but a financially inept Sudanese family who she has uncharacteristically befriended. Maggie has indisputably discovered friendship for the first time, but audiences will ponder – why is she being so charitable? Is she a ‘guardian angel like a big sister’ or simply ‘a snake with legs’ on an unscrupulous mission?

A loan shark takes to the stage leading to many twists and turns which build to a momentum of violence and an explosive climax, leaving unsuspecting audiences somewhat bewildered but overwhelmingly satisfied.

Written by multi-award-winning playwright Caleb Lewis, the dry humour cleverly seeps through the edgy and prevalently dark storylines, with resonating themes of the need of belonging, acceptance, racism, forgiveness and the alleged double standards of charity.

Audiences may feel slightly apprehensive while watching Eliza Logan’s brilliant portrayal of Maggie Stone – will this dramatic piece prove to be a little too close to home? With the influx of asylum seekers in Australia have we all at some point felt intolerance towards these people? Is there perhaps just a touch of Maggie Stone in all of us?? (MMo)

Until Oct 21. Eternity Theatre, 39 Burton, Darlinghurst. $38-$54+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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