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Kirana Haag, Transformational Artist


For Kirana Haag, Director of The Art of Belonging, her mission is to help more people unlock the truth and beauty in art, using it as a “tool that helps us engage, in work and life,” allowing people to connect both with themselves and with each other.

Haag moved from Germany to Australia in 1996, and has worked in Sydney as a full-time artist for the past five years. Her work has been exhibited and sold around the globe. Haag shares that “If we don’t support our artists, we are sacrificing the imagination, the softness and stillness in our live’s to just one plain reality and the routines of the day to day living.”

With “colour story,” people can enter their favourite colour, name, and email on her website and receive a free colour guide, which tells you “what your favourite colour says about you – and how you can express it.”

You’d be hard pressed to find an artist with more passion for their work than Kirana Haag. She lives and breathes art. or 


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