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Hellions – Rue

Rue is a much more melodic rock approach than Hellions have produced before. This new approach has moments of brilliance and others which fall flat.

Building off of their previous record, Opera Oblivia, Hellions have continued down the atmospheric, lyrical heavy path which has created a deep, dark and mystical record. This style gives the record an approachable pop-rock sound, which will be great for new listeners as it serves as an appetisers to the heavier rock realms.

Tracks such as Odyssey, Smile, Rue and The Lotus are brilliant examples of the new style and worth taking the time to seek out. Unfortunately as you listen to the entire record as a singular entity there are a number of interludes, such as (Blueberry), (Cocoon) and (Theatre Of), which jar you out of the atmosphere that Hellions have created.

★★ ½

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