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Filmmakers who envisage a dream project, privately finance it and ultimately see their labour of love projected on the big screen must be commended, as to complete this journey has been described by many in the film industry as a miracle.

Harmony is proudly all Australian made, with a local cast and ideas born out of this country.

Best described as a fantasy thriller, this is the first part of a saga entitled The Five Frequencies which explores how five orphans utilise their powers to save humanity.

Harmony is a super empath, somebody who masters control of emotions and who is able to choose whether or not to receive the emotion of others. She must learn how to control her power and to battle the storm of negative energy which could prove fatal for herself and the man she loves.

This is an original and ambitious film with high production values and a perfect holiday treat for the under 30s demographics. Local heart throbs Jeromy Meyer and Eamon Farren play in support roles to the late Jessica Falkholt who stars as Harmony.

Dark and sinister, this film boasts a hypnotic musical score and atmospheric cinematography, but isn’t completely flawless lacking character development and a stagnation in the story in the second half.

Regardless Harmony (which is Australia’s answer to the Twilight Saga) is entertaining and a final salute to Jessica Falkholt whose life was taken too soon, perishing in a car crash along with her parents and sister in December 2017. (MMo)


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