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For 40 years now fans of the Halloween franchise have been screaming out for a worthy successor to original, mercifully they’ve finally been given one with the 2018 rendition.

This iteration of the franchise immediately abolishes all of the lore established through the numerous sequel abominations that have preceded by grounding this version in a modern time. In this new timeline a duo of podcasters are investigating the original murder spree for their show and have been granted an interview with Mike Myers himself, who has been incarcerated in a maximum security prison for the last 40 years. Through a series of events Myers is able to escape and subsequently begins on his path to complete his spree by finding and murdering Laurie Strode.

It is during this new murder spree in which the 2018 version of Halloween establishes itself as a faithful and respectful direct sequel, whilst also simultaneously pushing the franchise into new modern horror realms. The film does this by increasing the body count exponentially, adding incredibly violent and gory deaths, and finally being self aware enough to sprinkle in some humour.

This version of Halloween is definitely a treat you want to receive and not a trick.

★★★★ ½

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