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Bob Evans

Photo: Tajette O'Halloran

In the past if a musician released a ‘Best Of’ or ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation record it was a sign their career was winding down, or possibly even finished, that however is no longer the case according to Bob Evans.

Kevin Mitchell is the man behind Bob Evans, and perhaps also known for his time in Australia rock phenoms Jebediah, throughout his career Mitchell has produced five studio albums under the Bob Evans moniker. Having produced all of these records with a specific vision in mind Mitchell came to a “watershed” moment which had him questioning where to from here.

Before taking the next step in the story of Bob Evans it was important for Mitchell to “tie up the last five albums in a neat little bow” for fans. With that idea in mind Mitchell approached Full Circle as more of an introductory course to Bob Evans for new listeners.

“The idea behind this record is to celebrate all of the work that I’ve done,” Mitchell explained before jokingly adding, “In a lot of ways its also an excuse for me to tour again because I don’t have a new record but needed something to tour behind.”

Obviously with the perception that compilation records indicate a career conclusion City Hub had to ask if this was the case for Bob Evans? To which Mitchell responded by saying,

“No, is that what these sort of records still imply? Maybe there was a time in the past where ‘Greatest Hits’ or ‘Best Of’ albums implied something but these days with the way the music industry has changed, the way people listen and consume music I don’t think that is the case anymore.”

Moving forward Mitchell is continuing with the Bob Evans project, however it will have a new approach and style. This new style is showcased on the lone new song from the record, Drowning.

“In the past the acoustic guitar is what has defined Bob Evans and separated Bob Evans from Jebediah who are an electric guitar band. The next record I’m making though will have elements of acoustic guitar but it’s going to be far more of a rock album than any Bob Evans record that I’ve made before.”

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