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The Innocents – Teardrop Kiss

Avid power pop listeners around the world are in for a sweet treat. The Innocents just released a surprise new album Teardrop Kiss that will have fans feeling like kids in a candy store. 

The Innocents are longtime champions of Australian power pop, having released their first hit single Sooner Or Later in 1980. Now, the time is finally right for the group’s resurrection and a power pop revolution. 

This unexpected album stays true to The Innocents’ power pop sound, while providing a balanced range of more upbeat songs as well as slower, more mellow songs.

The title single, Teardrop Kiss, is a solid, catchy tune, but the real star of the album is Strangers In The Park, which is sure to be playing on repeat in your head after you hear it. 

Along with Teardrop Kiss, a collection of The Innocents’ greatest hits has been released: A Baker’s Dozen — The Best of the Innocents.

★★★ ½

Reviewed by Erika Echternach,

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