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Ghosthunter starts out with the relatively simply premise, following a Western Sydney based security guard and part-time ghost-hunter as he undertakes his paranormal investigations. As we begin to learn more about the titular ghosthunter’s personal story the film takes a much darker and more sinister twist than even the paranormal world could conjure up.

Filmed over the course of seven years the documentary follows Jason King and dives into his motivations for becoming a paranormal investigator. The viewer quickly learns that King first entered the paranormal world following the sudden passing of his brother and his subsequent quest to reconcile his featured memories of his childhood. This quest subsequently uncovers a horrific family secret, which sends King into a dark uncontrollable spiral.

Ghosthunter is the sort of documentary which quickly detours from the intended path but never the less keeps the viewer hooked to their screen simply because of the compelling and heart wrenching tale it tells. 

★★★ ½

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