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A Simple Favour

Anna Kendrick is what’s really good about this movie. She has that 1970s doe-eyed, slight bodied prettiness (think Stepford Wives) that makes her trustworthy and instantly likeable, and precision comic timing that buoys up the script when it threatens to sag.

Kendrick plays Stephanie Smothers, a widowed mummy vlogger with a young boy at school who tries to fill the gaps in her life by volunteering for pretty much everything. Her son is besties with the son of Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) a high achieving fashion executive with blunt force directness, a power wardrobe, and devastating eyes. They form an unlikely bond over regular afternoon martinis, until Emily inexplicably vanishes after requesting a simple favour of Stephanie – to look after her son for a few hours. From here the movie devolves into a where is she/who is she thriller but it becomes untidy and a little overwrought. It’s the dry comedy that allows you to forgive some of the plot pot holes and just enjoy the ride.


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich

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