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Trevor Jackson. Photo: Bob Mahoney

Superfly is a blend of exactly what you’d expect from a crime thriller; corruption, guns, strip clubs, nudity and drugs. Director X has failed to bring originality to the table, delivering a mediocre film that has been seen a hundred times before.  

Youngblood Priest (Trevor Jackson) decides it’s time to leave the game after unrealistically dodging a bullet from enemy Juju, who is his foe from the start for no apparent reason other than jealousy. Hoping for one last win, Priest and his best friend Eddie (Jason Mitchell) travel to Mexico to arrange a drug deal. They find themselves getting caught up with corrupt police officers, the Snow Patrol gang and their alliance with the drug lords. 

This film tried really hard to showcase a modern twist on the 1972 American blaxploitation archetype but honestly, the original would have been enough. Some scenes were laughable, notably the over-sexed shower scene with Priest and his girlfriend’s Georgia (Lex Scott Davis) and Cynthia (Andrea Londo). The film may divide audiences, but for many, the best part will be Priest’s upswept hair. 


Reviewed By Jade Morellini