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Resonant Bodies

Ariadne Greif. Photo: Caroline Mariko Stucky

The international music festival which celebrates the diversity of vocal music is coming to Australia for the first time to present six different vocalists across two nights. 

Resonant Bodies was created by American singer, Lucy Dhegrae in 2013 in New York City. She wanted to provide singers with the opportunity to break away from the constraints of singing and display what they thought was most artistically interesting about their own particular voice. Co-curator of the Australian Resonant Bodies Festival, Jane Sheldon said,

“The Resonant Bodies Festival is a collection of singers who all approach the craft of singing very differently and who often come from different musical backgrounds. What you end up with is a really amazing exploration of what the human voice can do.”

In order to select the singers, Sheldon followed four guidelines. To represent a range of people at different stages of their career, to have a good mix of Australian and international artists, to have different distinctive artistic visions and artists from diverse backgrounds. 

“It should be an exploration for absolutely everybody, from my experience in New York, I found it was just so interesting to hear my colleagues use their voices in ways that are different to how I do.  We all sing, whether its lullabies to our children or in the shower, or performing. Everyone has a voice and a sense of what it feels like to use it, so what we’re sure the audience will experience is an exploration of the instrument we all have in our bodies, shown by a team of real experts, just how versatile that instrument can be.”

Aug 31-Sep 1. Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh. $35-$60+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini