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Presenting the lives and perspectives of five young women from all over the world, Playlist shows female experiences in our society while focusing on young women of colour.

The powerful and pioneering work shows women’s strength in a critical time of sometimes confronting commentaries on identity, intersectional feminism and female empowerment in 21st century Australia. 

An extraordinary female cast featuring artists with Nigerian, Tongan-Iraqi, Vietnamese and Croatian backgrounds truly shows multicultural, female capability.

Through pop music Playlist displays contemporary issues, how we find ourselves and our identity in music and how pop music shapes our cultural and social worlds.

Music styles ranging from Solange and Fleetwood Mac through to M.I.A, Rihanna, Beyoncé and George Michael. This ensures there is something to relate and respond to for all audiences.

According to Artistic Director Karen Therese the performers present a truly global perspective on women, culture and feminism.

The genre-defying, brave and transformative work will impact and inspire audiences and artists across Australia.

Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT) has already won a long list of awards honouring their great work and this performance won’t be any different.

Aug 2-11. PYT Fairfield, 19 Harris Street, Fairfield. $16.75-$27.19+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Lili Sekkai

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