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Luis And The Aliens

Eleven-year-old Luis is a lonely kid, with a UFO-obsessed father who often forgets he’s even there and a mother whom he misses more than anything. But Luis’ life starts looking up when three real life aliens crash-land right near Luis’ home and things take a very unexpected turn.

The aliens in Luis And The Aliens are some of the cutest animated creatures you’ll ever meet, and their ability to shape-change makes for some hilarious encounters with the locals. Luis goes on one huge adventure with a plot twist that makes for a feel-good ending.

Luis And The Aliens is a great film for young children and pre-teens, with some real and honest emotional themes of loneliness, friendship and looking after those you love. It pulls at your heart strings and makes you laugh out loud – this is a film for the whole family.


Reviewed by Lisa Seltzer

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