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Lola Kirke – Heart Head West

American singer/songwriter and actress, Lola Kirke has arrived with her debut album, Heart Head West. 

A heartfelt and open account of personal subjects to Kirke linger throughout the lyrics with most songs honing in on an indie-country-rock feel. Sounds messy, but the album gives off an almost nostalgic reminiscence of a simpler time. 

Opening with Monster, which was premiered by Rolling Stone USA, the single sets the tone for the album with strong vocals and a country vibe. Single, Supposed To, the third song on the album is by far the most upbeat and fun song, followed by an array of slow jams. Sexy Song, another previously released single, being the stand out of the slower laidback tracks.  

Heart Head West is a trip of an interlude, but my personal favourite on the album is the ninth track, Out Yonder. The strum and synth intro leads into a jazzy drumbeat, causing perfect relaxation. 


Reviewed by Riley Hooper

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