Best Of Sydney 2018

Best Trivia – Turbo Trivia

Trivia can be a real drag – and that can make it a whole lot more fun! Turbo Trivia is a troupe of trivia divas led by the legendary Portia Turbo herself.  Respectively – if not respectfully – they host regular trivia nights in venues across Sydney, and are also available for special events and fundraisers. Portia retired from the Drag circuit and its culture of svelte-ness to allow her larger…personality to emerge. That’s when she discovered trivia:

“Sydney is this weird hypo universe of trivia – no other city in the world has as much trivia as we do.” She caught the bug, started hosting, got some other girls together and Turbo Trivia was born.  This is trivia in the fast lane, with challenging questions, outrageous hostesses, and a super charged atmosphere. Come in, leave your cares outside and feel a special connection with everyone including the hostess. But put your phone away or suffer a very severe Drag Queen frown.

All the host venues serve food and alcohol, so it’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion, get a work crowd together or share a few raucous hours with friends. For fuel-injected, twin-cam, dual muffler powered fun, find a Turbo Trivia venue near you.


0420 969 989.


By Rita Bratovich

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