Best Of Sydney 2018

Best Spiritual Awakening – Siddha Yoga Ashram

When you think “ashram” you probably don’t get an image of a two-storey red brick building in the inner west suburb of Hurlstone Park, but the surrounding greenery, calming scents and peaceful ambience at Siddha Yoga Ashram will transport you. The ashram is designed to be a retreat, a place of learning and intense practice, and a means of shedding the materialism and egoism of modern life in exchange for inner tranquility. Tradition is strong here, with formal practice of meditation, hatha yoga, seva (selfless serving), dakshina (offering) and chanting. This is not for people wearing Lorna Jane carrying rolled up mats.


50 Garnet St, Hurlstone Park. 8577 5200.


By Lilian Sekkaï

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