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AltMedia Complaints Process

Publisher’s Note: AltMedia currently has applied for membership with the Australian Press Council. The processes listed here will remain in place unless and until the company’s membership application has been accepted.

  1. All complaints should be addressed to the Editor in writing. Emails can be sent to news@altmedia.net.au or letters can be posted to AltMedia PO Box 843 Broadway NSW 2007
  2. AltMedia has adopted the Charter of a Free Press in Australia. We believe it is the role of the press in a western democracy to publish a diverse range of opinions, to expose malfeasance and to hold government officials accountable in a free and unfettered press.
  3. We active encourage readers’ comments which can be posted at altmedia.net.au
  4. Opinion pieces, which are clearly flagged as such, represent the opinion of the writer and not necessarily those of the publisher
  5. While we strive to check facts, seek comments and provide balanced reporting in our news coverage, errors occur from time to time. If factual errors have occurred in reporting a story, AltMedia will print a correction online. The publisher reserves the right to publish corrections in its newsprint edition. The Editor will from time to time amend the online copy in order to correct any errors that might otherwise remain on the public record.
  6. In the event that the parties are unable to reach an amicable resolution in relation to a complaint, AltMedia will without refer any such matters to the Australia Press Council.