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The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark

One of Shakespeare’s classics is returning to the stage, but in a way that has never been seen before. Did someone say zombies, ninjas and dinosaurs…? 

The Tragedy of Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark, which was written and performed by kid’s comedy duo, The Listies, is a performance which aims to have fun, breaking away from the ‘classic’ story of Hamlet and letting their imagination roam free. 

“The plot is complicated. The first thing we find out is that Hamlet’s father, is dead. Deader than MySpace. And Uncle Claudius married Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, and is the new King of Denmark. I mean who are these people the Kardashians? Then Hamlet is visited by his father’s ghost, who tells Hamlet that he was murdered by Claudius – Hamlet swears to take revenge. No one calls Ghostbusters. There is also Ophelia, who gets a bad deal in the original play, but in our version comes back from the dead as a zombie. Because why not?”

The Listies are very proud of the show and are really happy they were able to work alongside the incredible Declan Greene, Courtney Stewart and Paige Rattray, along with the whole Sydney Theatre Company team. 

“This show has a great set (a castle), it has great props, lights, costumes, special effects and the best stage manager you could hope for (Tim Burns). We have so much fun performing this show and we are very much excited to perform this return season. We aim to make everyone in the audience have a good time, from the ages of 4-400 million, so see you all there!”

Until Jul 22. Everest Theatre, Seymour Centre, City Rd & Cleveland St, Chippendale. $32-$35+b.f.. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini.

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