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Think you know your city? Secret Cities is here to test your local knowledge and challenge your suburban navigation skills with its one-of-a-kind scavenger hunts. 

On June 30, the 2018 winter season of scavenger hunts kicked off in Redfern. Participants were sent all over Redfern to discover hidden gems such as little donut shops, tucked-away art galleries and off-the-beaten-path bars. 

For anyone unfamiliar with a particular section of Sydney, the Secret Cities scavenger hunts are a fantastic and fun way to explore the area with some mates whilst engaging in a bit of friendly competition.   

Even for those from the suburb in which the hunt is based, following the clues can reveal things never known about their hometown, such as previously unnoticed street art or a new bakery to buy the cheapest bread. Some clues may involve random activities such as a short dance lesson, keeping things interesting as well as participants on their toes. 

Mainly mapped out by Secret Cities’ co-founder Chris Rayment, the clues clearly have a lot of thought behind them and follow a logical order to make this understandable for participants of all levels. Mr Rayment said he began Secret Cities after realising his passion for sharing the little-known wonders of his hometown by creating hunts for visiting friends.

If you missed out on the Redfern hunt, not to worry since the hunt was merely the first of Secret Cities’ entire winter season of hunts designed to help locals break out of the winter blues. The next destination is Newtown on July 7.   

Various Dates & Locations. $30 per person or $120 for a team of 5. Tickets & Info:

Reviewed by Erika Echternach.

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